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Electrical Repair & Replacement

Our well-trained electricians will expertly carry out the work to produce a secure, effective, and energy-efficient environment, whether it’s about installation, repair, or replacement.

We have over 30 years of experience and provide a wide range of repair and replacement services.

Here's a little overview of electrical repairs and replacement options for Orange County homeowners:

Now I know none of us *love* dealing with electrical problems around the house, but have no fear, we’re here to help make things right as rain in a jiffy! Whether it’s a blinking light that won’t behave, appliances tripping breakers, or outlets sparking up a storm, our crew has the skills to accurately diagnose wiring troubles and then implement solid, safe repairs so your circuits operate clear as a bell once more.

First things first, we’ll ask a few questions and assess which rooms are affected to start narrowing things down. Then we’ll bust out the troubleshooting toolkit and methodically evaluate parts of your electrical system for the root of the issue. Things like connections, junction boxes, circuits—you name it! Sometimes we need to isolate sections of wiring to pinpoint gremlins, but with a little patience, we’ll get to the bottom of it.

Now in cases where electrical faults come from aging or outdated wiring, replacement is often the remedy that makes most sense for the long haul. We can develop a custom plan based on your home’s needs and budget. Replacing outdated panels, rewiring rooms with the most issues, upgrading wire gauge to handle modern loads—whatever approach fits best, we'll keep you covered!

During any project, safety is always priority number one for your home and family. Just think—new electrical means no more power pains! And we’re happy to walk you through all the repair or replacement specifics.

So don’t hesitate to holler if finicky electrical problems pop up or you just want a general inspection. We service all homes big and small throughout Orange County with integrity and care. Let’s chat options!


Do you need to identify the right breaker for a light switch or an outlet that won't work?

Our electricians have the skills necessary to diagnose all kinds of issues. We can easily fix the issue and prevent your home from becoming a fire hazard.

Flickering lights, carbon monoxide detectors, receptacles, switches, circuit breakers, smoke, and any other electrical issues can be fixed by us!

Here's an overview of troubleshooting and the benefits we offer Fullerton homeowners when power issues pop up:

Dealing with home electrical problems can be so pesky! No worries, our top-notch crew of electricians have all the troubleshooting know-how and cutting-edge gear to accurately track down wiring problems in homes big and small. Whether it’s an outlet on the fritz, flickering living room lights, or appliances blowing mystery breakers, we’ll get to the bottom of things in no time flat!

Our troubleshooting process is super thorough because correctly pinpointing electrical issues right from the start saves time and headaches down the road. We’ll first discuss what’s happening in your home, then dig deeper asking strategic questions to understand which rooms/circuits are affected. That clues us in. We’ll check for tripped breakers in your main panel too since that’s an easy fix!

If power problems continue to stump us, out comes our trusty troubleshooting toolkit for assessing your system parts one by one if needed. Voltage testers, outlet testers, multimeters—we’ve got the works! By evaluating connections, wiring, junction boxes, devices, and circuits systematically from the inside out, virtually any home's electrical mystery can ultimately be solved.


Here's an overview of beneficial electrical upgrades for savvy homeowners:

Is your home's electrical system still functioning on infrastructure from decades past? Outdated panels, old knob and tube wiring, as well as, limited electric capacity may technically "do the job" for now... upgrades bring a bunch of perks I'd love to share! As your local electricians, we specialize in custom improvement projects both big and small so you can leverage innovation and protect resale too.

Swapping old 60 or 100-amp main panels for 200-amp service enables handling modern power demands from larger air conditioners, multiple entertainment centers, and computers plus electric car chargers and more down the road. Safety advances like arc fault (AFCI) and ground fault interrupter (GFCI) breakers provide extra protection too by monitoring currents and cutting off flow faster if dangers occur.

Many homeowners also upgrade interior wiring itself. Newer building codes require neutral and ground wires run separately, but even older properly grounded copper wire is far superior to outdated aluminum. Rewiring rooms provide ample capacity and electrical outlets exactly where needed.

Outdoor landscape lighting, backyard kitchens with high-watt appliances, and heated pool systems; the opportunities to enhance homes locally seem endless! We help navigate the latest innovations so residential electrical foundations evolve in meaningful ways over time rather than remaining stuck in the past. Just let us know your persistent annoyances or wish list items! Upgrading electrical guts may sound unexciting but delivers very gratifying benefits every single day.


Although most homes don't require rewiring, it's still important to have the wiring examined in older homes. Outdated or faulty wiring can cause a fire if it is improperly wired or without ground wiring. Our electricians can inspect the wiring to see if any issues need to be addressed.

Here's a quick overview of residential rewiring and why it's worth considering: Even in homes built with solid electrical, wiring eventually ages over decades to the point it no longer meets safety codes or power needs from our modern lifestyles (think about your 70 in tv, 4 computers, your smart fridge, etc). Rewiring is an excellent (and more affordable than you may guess) solution to avoid hazards and gain expanded capacity!

Here's the play-by-play if you decide to rewire... First, we'd develop a rewiring plan mapping out new wire routes through your walls, attic, basement for reinvented circuit layouts tailored around how you use each room now. Out goes the old wires, then in goes fresh building wire pulled through meticulously - new 20 amp kitchen appliance circuits, dedicated laundry room circuits, and ample lighting circuits. We tie it all neatly into a new main panel up to 200 amps able to handle way more demand. Add in safety features like ground fault and arc fault monitoring and you've got a modern electrical backbone in place for decades ahead!

Benefits over outdated wiring are huge: no fire hazard from degraded insulation, reliable power to more devices simultaneously thanks to extra circuits, and reduced nuisance tripping with fresh connections. Plus, rewiring a home gives it a higher market value for resale down the road.

Now, we know any rewiring sounds messy and labor intensive because... well it is! But we work efficiently to minimize disruption to your routine and home so it's not unbearable. Just something to consider when remodeling or if you find yourself constantly frustrated by flickering lights or limited outlet capacity. Give a shout if you want to explore the possibilities for your place!

We Specialize In...

  • Troubleshooting
  • Rewiring
  • Upgrades
  • Panel Installation
  • Lighting Installation
  • Repair & Replacement
  • Switchgear and Transformer Repair
  • Panel Installation, Repair and Replacement
  • Ceiling and Ventilation Fan Installation
  • Lighting Upgrade, Repair, and Installation
  • Emergency repairs
  • General Troubleshooting
  • Outlet Maintenance and Installation
  • Wiring For Stereo And Camera Systems
  • Indoor And Outdoor Lighting Installation
  • Spa, Pool, Indoor Hot Tub, And Bbq Wiring
  • Breaker Panel Upgrades And Repairs
  • Quietcool Whole House Fan, Attic And Garage Fan Installations
  • Smart Electrical Panel And Sub-Panels
  • Green Electric

Why Choose Us

Since 1999, Fullerton Electric Pros, has offered our services for tenant improvements, new construction, renovations, exterior, interior, and landscape lighting, service installations, and retrofits.

We offer the assurance any customer needs to get the project accomplished on time and under budget by working on designs from start to finish, with a qualified team of licensed technicians and consultants. Unforeseen electrical disruptions can result in major problems for both homeowners and businesses. This is why Fullerton Electrician places a high priority on restoring power to your system as quickly and safely as possible.

Any issue you’re experiencing can be diagnosed in the comfort of your home or business by one of our skilled and qualified electricians. We guarantee that we have the proper equipment and supplies to provide the finest service. To ensure outstanding results, the best components and materials available will be used to fulfill our promise of delivering high-quality work and results.

Consistency is the key component of high-quality work. Regulation codes will be strictly observed to ensure that everyone is aware of both proper and improper methods for carrying out repairs and installations. We are a highly dependable company when it comes to electrical services.

If you need emergency electrical services at your home or office, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We are the best electrical company to contact if you are looking for residential electrical services. With our dedication to excellence and competitive pricing, customers residing in Fullerton, California, and nearby areas love our licensed electricians.

We recognize that getting the necessary electrical upgrades can be intimidating, but with our company’s guidance, we guarantee that these upgrades and/or repairs will be stress free. If you’re curious about our services and installation choices, we’re happy to provide you with some useful advice and a free quote.

When those pesky electrical problems pop up around the house—you know the ones!—our quality team of electricians is ready to correctly diagnose funky wiring issues and get your circuits back on track. Whether it’s a tripping outlet on the fritz or wiring damage making your lights flicker, we’ve got the advanced gear to pinpoint causes and then make durable repairs so the problem doesn’t return. We’ll walk you through all the things in simple terms along the way.

Lots of homes nowadays have snazzy home audio and video so you can stream movies around or ask Alexa to cue the mood music in the kitchen. Makes for awesome smart home perks! But all those wireless gizmos need proper grounded wiring behind walls to prevent problems. We’ll handle running the necessary cables to spec plus hook everything up correctly so your systems perform without interference now and in the future.

When it comes to lighting, we’ve got loads of ideas to accent your home’s special architectural details while also keeping practical illumination right where you need it. And we can take the lighting outdoors too! Properly handling those line-voltage pool installations along with low-voltage ambiance lighting on the patio ensures things stay bright yet hazard-free.

On the backyard fun front, we know a relaxing dip or sizzling barbecue builds mighty appetites. But powering spas, pools, and high-wattage grills in a safe way requires some special considerations around water and electrical loads. Not to worry! Our experts spec the right materials and capacity so your backyard functions easily without misbehaving.

Some homes still have those old-fashioned fuse boxes causing nuisance outages whenever too many appliances run at once. And we can help there too! Evaluating things first, we’ll get your main power panel upgraded to suitable breakers or implement other fixes to keep flows steady without disruptions.

Ventilating attics and garages stops stuffy air from damaging valuables in storage too. Let’s make sure temperatures stay safe for equipment by getting exhaust fans installed. Custom ventilation keeps you comfy!

And oh how we love the latest whole-home control systems tying security cameras, doorbells, lighting and more into smart apps nowadays! To leverage capabilities though, subpanels help interconnect technologies cleanly under one hood. Makes status checks and voice controls a breeze.

Let me know where we can sprinkle in some electrical pixie dust at your place! We are happy to explain any options in more detail.

We’ll be there prepared to create a strategy for you and your home project. Whatever your project’s level of complexity is, our team will always find the best solution.

We are up to the task if it involves any electrical system in your home. Over the years, we’ve seen and done it all, and now our team is ready to deliver excellent work at a reasonable cost. Once you’ve worked with us, you’ll never think twice about calling us again for any other electrical projects.

You will always get on-time, and code-compliant work done in or around your house when you hire us. We are very excited to serve you! 

  1. Professionalism – We are industry leaders and passionate about what we do. If you hire us, you will receive nothing but high-quality work performance. In addition to our expertise, we take great pride in offering the greatest customer service in Fullerton and beyond. Your satisfaction with our work is our top concern.
  2. Work Guaranteed – We are committed to doing the best for you. Should problems arise, we promise to fix them as quickly and efficiently as possible. We are 100% committed to giving you the best results.
  3.  Budget-Friendly – You won’t have to worry about breaking your budget to hire us. We maintain competitive pricing so you know that you are getting quality work for a competitive price.

Affordable Quality

We take great satisfaction in our dedication to provide excellent customer service and do each task as accurate as possible. Your satisfaction with Fullerton Electric Pros is 100% Guaranteed!

Exceptional Service

Our well-trained electricians will assure you that every project is finished on schedule, at a reasonable fee, and in accordance with the regulations.

Family Owned & Operated

We have over 40 years of experience!  Our team is highly trained and has put in the time to become the expert team that we are.  Let us help you with your project.

Professional & Dependable

We’ll also handle your house or office with utmost respect. We are dedicated to provide the best electrical services at competitive prices.

About Our Company

It was in 1999 when Fullerton Electric Pros was established. We began as a humble but dedicated company that maintained and repaired parking lot lighting.

In 2009, Carl and Barbara Jackson purchased the business. It was then improved by adding contracting services, new construction, remodeling, and sign installation and repair.

Carl has worked in the electrical industry since 2000. He began working at an electrical firm in New York City while going to evening classes for an apprenticeship.

Carl worked as a transit electrician, helping to upgrade and renovate the MTA subway stations throughout different boroughs, following graduation from apprenticeship school.

Carl was able to earn his master’s electrician license after working as an electrician for many years in both New York City and New Jersey. Carl then co-founded Fullerton Electrician with his wife, Barbara.

Carl is an expert in all facets of the industry. He began his career about 20 years ago and rose through the ranks, taking over day-to-day management in 2005 and obtaining his master electrician’s license.

Because of his extensive background, he is completely aware of the significance of each team member’s position.

“Working my way up gave me the special capacity to view things from the standpoint of everyone who works for me, including my project manager, my office staff, my mechanics in the field, and even my helpers.”

Fullerton Electric Pros offers great service by working with a well-trained, close-knit team. “We have been working together for so long that we have developed a level of trust that only improves with time. This, in my opinion, is a key characteristic that sets us apart from our rivals.”

Carl also thinks that good customer service is one of the most important traits of a company. “My desire to assist others is what motivates me to accomplish what I do.

Carl and Barbara like spending time going to the beach with their three children when they aren’t busy running the business.

Thousands of projects, both big and small, have been managed by Carl and his company over the years.

Setting high standards, owning mistakes when they occur, and then “going back and completing the job correctly,” according to Carl and Barbara, is the first step toward standing behind your work have been the keys to Fullerton Electric Pros’ success over the years.

Fullerton Electric Pros now employs a group of motivated electrical contractors who are well-trained and take pride in their job.

Client Testimonials

I would definitely recommend Fullerton Electric Pros! Not only did their electrician arrived on time, he obviously knew what he was doing as well. Double thumbs up!
- Ellen M.
My experience with Fullerton Electric Pros was awesome! Everything they did to my office was above par, from lighting upgrade to panel installation! Definitely the best!
- Sam S.
The electrician who fixed our garden lights was very prompt that he even gave a courtesy call before arriving. The electrical issue was properly resolved and the service fee was not that expensive. Thank you so much Fullerton Electric Pros!
- Loyd M.

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