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Commercial & Residential Lighting Services

Interior Lighting Installation

Fullerton Electrician can install the ideal lighting solutions for every area inside your home, whether you want clear, bright lighting in functional spaces such as the kitchen or office, or you'd want to set the correct mood in a living room or home theater. Fullerton Electric Pros is definitely the best choice for your lighting installation needs. We have a long history of successfully producing outstanding lighting solutions for clients all around Fullerton. Call us or fill out our form right away to start the process of upgrading the lighting in your home.


Is there a light that keeps flickering? Does it keep blowing light bulbs? We can diagnose the issue and fix it quickly and efficiently for you. Give us a call, we want to help. We love to give free estimates.

Unique Lighting Fixtures

Did you see a lovely chandelier on the latest episode of House Hunters? Maybe you saw some amazing canister lights that would be the most perfect addition to that piece of art you adore...

Why Choose Us

Since 1999, Fullerton Electric Pros, a full-service electrical contracting company, has offered electrical contracting for tenant improvements, new construction, renovations, exterior, interior, and landscape lighting, service installations, and retrofits.

Fullerton Electric Pros offers the assurance any customer needs to get the project accomplished on time and under budget by working on designs from start to finish, with a qualified team of licensed technicians and consultants. Unforeseen electrical disruptions can result in major problems for both homeowners and businesses. This is why Fullerton Electrician places a high priority on restoring electrical power to your system as quickly and safely as possible.

Any electrical issue you’re experiencing can be diagnosed in the comfort of your home or business by one of our skilled and qualified electricians. We guarantee that we have the proper equipment and supplies to provide the finest service. To ensure outstanding results, the best electrical components and materials available will be used to fulfill our promise of delivering high-quality work and results.

Consistency is the key component of high-quality electrical work. Regulation codes will be strictly observed to ensure that everyone is aware of both proper and improper methods for carrying out electrical repairs and installations. Fullerton Electric Pros is a highly dependable company when it comes to the best form of electrical services.

If you need immediate electrical services at your home or office, don’t hesitate to contact us at (714) 622-7784.

Affordable Quality

We take great satisfaction in our dedication to provide excellent customer service and do each task as accurate as possible. Your satisfaction with Fullerton Electric Pros is 100% Guaranteed!

Exceptional Service

Our well-trained electricians will assure you that every project is finished on schedule, at a reasonable fee, and in accordance with the regulations.

Family Owned & Operated

We have over 40 years of experience!  Our team is highly trained and has put in the time to become the expert team that we are.  Let us help you with your electrical project.

Professional & Dependable

We’ll also handle your house or office with utmost respect. We are dedicated to provide the best electrical services at competitive prices.

About Our Company

It was in 1999 when Fullerton Electric Pros was established. We began as a humble but dedicated company that maintained and repaired parking lot lighting.

In 2009, Carl and Barbara Jackson purchased the business. It was then improved by adding electrical contracting services, new construction, remodeling, and sign installation and repair.

Carl has worked in the electrical industry since 2000. He began working at an electrical firm in New York City while going to evening classes for an apprenticeship.

Carl worked as a transit electrician, helping to upgrade and renovate the MTA subway stations throughout different boroughs, following graduation from apprenticeship school.

Carl was able to earn his master’s electrician license after working as an electrician for many years in both New York City and New Jersey. Carl then co-founded Fullerton Electrician with his wife, Barbara.

Carl is an expert in all facets of the industry. He began his career about 20 years ago and rose through the ranks, taking over day-to-day management in 2005 and obtaining his master electrician’s license.

Because of his extensive background, he is completely aware of the significance of each team member’s position.

“Working my way up gave me the special capacity to view things from the standpoint of everyone who works for me, including my project manager, my office staff, my mechanics in the field, and even my helpers.”

Fullerton Electric Pros offers great service by working with a well-trained, close-knit team. “We have been working together for so long that we have developed a level of trust that only improves with time. This, in my opinion, is a key characteristic that sets us apart from our rivals.”

Carl also thinks that good customer service is one of the most important traits of a company. “My desire to assist others is what motivates me to accomplish what I do.

Carl and Barbara like spending time going to the beach with their three children when they aren’t busy running the business.

Thousands of projects, both big and small, have been managed by Carl and his company over the years.

Setting high standards, owning mistakes when they occur, and then “going back and completing the job correctly,” according to Carl and Barbara, is the first step toward standing behind your work have been the keys to Fullerton Electric Pros’ success over the years.

Fullerton Electric Pros now employs a group of motivated electrical contractors who are well-trained and take pride in their job.

Client Testimonials

I would definitely recommend Fullerton Electric Pros! Not only did their electrician arrived on time, he obviously knew what he was doing as well. Double thumbs up!
- Ellen M.
My experience with Fullerton Electric Pros was awesome! Everything they did to my office was above par, from lighting upgrade to panel installation! Definitely the best!
- Sam S.
The electrician who fixed our garden lights was very prompt that he even gave a courtesy call before arriving. The electrical issue was properly resolved and the service fee was not that expensive. Thank you so much Fullerton Electric Pros!
- Loyd M.

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