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Electrical Panel and Junction Box Installation & Repair

A commercial electrical sub-panel, which is connected to your company’s main panel, offers more power and the option to add additional circuits. However, it is not always an easy task. Many factors need to be taken into consideration to provide a safe and proper electrical panel installation. Let us recommend the best option for your business needs.

Properly sized electrical panels and robust junction boxes are the critical backbones of any commercial facility.

We tackle upgrades, maintenance, and emergency fixes on these components so businesses can operate smoothly.

For panel installation and repair, our electricians first size new panels based on calculated amp needs for planned lighting, devices, and heavy equipment throughout your space.

We install top name panels safely while ensuring balanced multi-wire branch circuits, high-integrity ground connections, neatly organized breakers, plus excess room for inevitable growth.

We especially prevent component damage by rejecting poor supply power quality.

This proactive approach prevents nuisance outages or worse yet, fire hazards which threaten business continuity and reputations.

On the repair front, we troubleshoot faulty breakers and overheated bus bars, replace damaged wiring insulation promptly and solve overload faults however complex to restore system stability.

Likewise for commercial junction boxes, we install durable, correctly sized metal boxes at each cable splice/device/fixture point.

Rigid mounting plus strict limit of wire bend radii within boxes ensures continuous cable protection.

When fixings loosen causing intermittent, dangerous connections to lighting or controls, we thoroughly inspect source junctions, reestablish clean joins, then stabilize boxes against additional movement per industry best practice.

For high moisture areas, we swap metal clad waterproof boxes having flexible-entry grommets for securing cables evenly and safely.

Taking a proactive yet urgent approach to junction box issues minimizes further wire insulation breakdowns and premature failures which become exponentially more costly long term.

With both electrical panels and junction boxes, having our licensed technicians on staff allows promptly identifying degrading parts far before outages even occur.

We take pride providing essential preventative maintenance plus urgent repair services that keep Orange County buildings bright, comfortable and running every day and night.

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Green Lighting Installation & Repair

Want to brighten up an area of your office or cut down on your energy bill? Using old, inefficient lighting fixtures can cause your power bill to increase significantly. An ordinary bulb produces only 5% to 10% of the energy it consumes as light. The rest is then converted to heat.

Our skilled electricians can design a lighting system to suit your needs, maximize your savings, and contribute to resource conservation all at the same time.

Our comprehensive warranty on selected fixtures and bulbs back up our superior work. Lighting repair services are also provided by Fullerton Electrician! 

When it comes to lighting your commercial spaces sustainably, we’ve got you covered. As your friendly electricians, we stay on top of all the latest in green lighting technology—from smart LED fixtures to advanced controls. We’ll walk you through the options to find the best fit, whether you’re building new or improving what’s there.

For new construction and remodeling projects, we strongly recommend building a LED lighting backbone right from the start. The benefits are huge: LEDs consume way less electricity and last years longer than outdated lighting—we’re talking decades with no bulb changes. Whether selecting strips to backlight display shelves, adjustable recessed cans for galleries, or durable exterior illumination that won’t attract bugs, LEDs just make sense. We’ll take care of the entire planning and installation process from circuit sizing to casting beautiful, uniform light wherever you need it.

Another green choice is integrating advanced lighting controls like occupancy sensors, scheduled dimming, and daylight harvesting. These smart systems turn lights on/off or automatically adjust output based on conditions—saving tons of unused power. We can network these technologies on a building-wide platform, allowing you to configure scenes from your computer as usage needs change.

On the maintenance side, we offer full-scale audits of existing lighting using tools that analyze spectrum, calculate usage stats, and identify replacement opportunities. Outdated T12 fluorescents are particularly problematic—they hog energy even when dimmed, containing toxic mercury too. Swapping old fixtures for LED equivalents pays off fast. We recycle the hazardous materials properly and qualify any utility rebates to offset costs as well.

At the end of the day, green lighting saves money while reducing environmental impact. Call us to discuss the possibilities for your commercial property whether small upgrades or a whole new modern system. We’ll tailor options to meet sustainability goals and the bottom line.

Switchgear and Transformer Repair

Transformers and switchgear are vital components of a power supply system. Switchgear repair, inspection, and testing are among the services offered. You can depend on us to give our best, regardless of how simple or complex the service would be. From start to finish, every little detail will be carefully considered.

We happily provide free quotes for your project or repair. You can rely on our staff to perform. We have over twenty years of experience serving businesses in the area and are equipped to handle almost any electrical project. Call us now or complete our free estimate form to get started.

When it comes to the big guns of commercial electrical infrastructure—switchgear and transformers—rely on our seasoned team for new installation and emergency repair. We know these are the most critical components supplying clean, reliable power underlying day-to-day business.

For new commercial builds, we work closely with general contractors and equipment manufacturers to specify the optimal switchgear lineup feeding essential loads plus backups. These high-capacity panels must balance featuring enough space for circuit growth down the road. We assemble enclosures locally to required specs while meeting lead times so temporary utility feeds stay on schedule. With everything mounted, our technicians thoroughly torque connections to exact tolerances and test protection relays end-to-end before inspection. This ensures every business function stays up and running.

On the transformer side for newbuilds, we analyze and order the perfect units to match utility service voltage with that required by lighting, HVAC and process equipment. While general contractors prepare pads, we line up crane vehicles for gentle placement at each building’s service entrance the moment transformers arrive. Adjusting inputs/outputs to balance phase loads along with grounding for public and gear safety all gets handled professionally start to finish.

When it comes to emergency switchgear/transformer repairs, we have the skill to troubleshoot root causes plus qualified staff to rebuild or source reconditioned replacements. Blown fuses, faulty breakers, melted bus links, shorted tap windings, grounded neutrals and more—very little phases our team. In fact manufacturers trust our upgrades using present-day components within outdated gear to extend functionality safely. We know how critical fast response is when current stops flowing to computers, machinery or refrigerators across a facility. That’s why customers can expect our urgent arrival anytime troubles arise.

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HOA Services

Maintaining consistent lighting, signage and landscape features across HOA common areas, clubhouses and model homes requires specialized electrical skills. We handle new low-voltage walkway lighting builds, sign retrofits to LEDs plus installing EV chargers, pools/spas to meet expanding community needs and regulations. Our technicians also repair landscape timers, clubhouse wiring faults and perform seasonal feature disconnects/reconnects so amenities stay perfectly illuminated year-round.

Industrial Services

Raw manufacturing/processing settings subject electrical systems to heavy cycles, moisture and contaminants which accelerate aging. Beyond expert new machine wiring, our team performs quarterly infrared scans of motors, generators and high-load conduits to detect hot spots plus annually tests backup power systems under load. We quickly troubleshoot variances then complete OEM-approved repairs that safeguard production volumes. Rigorous proactive maintenance minimizes costlier breakdowns for heavy industry clients.


We Can Handle It All 

Commercial electrical projects can be extremely small, very large, or somewhere in-between.  We tackle it all. The scope of a large commercial job can be overwhelming for some electrical contractors. But when working with us, this won’t be won’t be an issue. Any commercial electric repair or service you want can be handled by us, including:

Ceiling & Ventilation Fan Installation

Properly sized ceiling and ventilation fans improve indoor air quality while removing hot, stagnant air from workspaces. Our technicians expertly install new fan units of leading commercial grades based on room dimensions and target air exchanges per hour. Quiet, efficient operation plus robust mounting prevents failures that disrupt business.

Lighting Upgrade, Repair & Installation

From specialized showroom spotlights to custom reception area pendants, we handle commercial lighting installations and upgrades of all sizes. Our team assesses existing lighting capacity relative to its efficiency in illuminating key areas then plans new LED fixtures and advanced controls that save energy while WOWing customers. Quick repairs on faulty fixtures also eliminate costly downtime.

Switchgear & Transformer Repair

Robust switchgear and dry-type transformers are central to smoothly distributing clean, stable electricity from main feeds to all business zones safely. When faults occur, our team has manufacturer-approved parts and expertise to rapidly restore functionality across essential lighting, HVAC equipment, walk-in coolers plus process controls to avoid prolonged disruptions.

New Panel Installation

Increasing circuit capacity with new commercial panels allows accommodating additional receptacles, machines, signage and other loads that facilitate company growth. We specify optimal panels plus double check amp calculations so adding surrounding devices for years to come won’t overtax the system, risking nuisance outages. Peace of mind comes from quality initial builds.

Emergency Repairs

Despite best system designs, random power failures from weather damage, worn breakers or short circuits do arise. We’re available 24/7 to respond, correctly diagnose causes using state-of-the-art tools then complete repairs—temporary or permanent—so core business functions regain reliable electricity rapidly.

Panel Repair & Replacement

Faulty commercial panels put connected lighting and equipment at risk despite functioning normally now. Our team offers full assessment of construction, load balancing and safety mechanisms on aging electrical panels. For fixable issues, we’ll complete non-invasive repairs per modern code. If replacement is recommended, we’ll handle new panel integration from securing temporary power to final inspection.

General Electrical Troubleshooting

Pinpointing root electrical problems amid complex commercial wiring requires systematic evaluation using the right meters and methods. We have the advanced gear plus technical skills to isolate malfunctions whether in main feeds, conduits or select circuits so hidden faults get revealed quickly without needless digging. Quality troubleshooting minimizes business disruptions even for gremlins.

Outlet Maintenance & Installation

Keeping essential outlets in good working order seems elementary but is easily overlooked until devices no longer function. We add tamper-resistant, GFCI-protected receptacles wherever needed while regularly checking existing outlets for loose connections, miswiring and ground faults. Solid outlet integrity better protects sensitive electronics plus staff using various equipment.

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Carl worked as a transit electrician, helping to upgrade and renovate the MTA subway stations throughout different boroughs, following graduation from apprenticeship school.


Carl was able to earn his master electrician license after working as an electrician for many years in both New York City and New Jersey. Wanting to move to the West Coast, Carl purchased Fullerton Electric Pros with his wife, Barbara.


Carl is an expert in all facets of the industry. He began as an apprentice about 20 years ago and rose through the ranks, taking over day-to-day management in 2005 and obtaining his master electrician’s license in the process. Because of his extensive background, he is completely aware of the significance of each team member’s position.

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The electrician who fixed our garden lights was very prompt that he even gave a courtesy call before arriving. The electrical issue was properly resolved and the service fee was not that expensive. Thank you so much Fullerton Electric Pros!
- Loyd M.

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