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electrician – Fullerton Electric Pros provides the best electrical services in town. We are a team of highly-experienced electricians that has been serving the people of Fullerton and nearby cities for over 20 years now. We can fix various types of electrical problems like outdated wiring, emergency repairs, panel and lighting installation, electrical repair, and replacement. We also do wirings of spa, pool, indoor hot tub, and bbq. The services we offer would be too many to mention. You can avail of these services at a very affordable fee. If you are interested, you can call us today and we can give you a free quote. 


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Electrical Repair & Junction Box Replacement

Replacing those outdated junction boxes around your home might not seem like the most exciting project, but let me tell you—it’s one of those small fixes that can make a big difference in safety and function.

As your local electricians, we come across older fuse and junction boxes all the time that are overdue for replacement to meet modern safety codes.

The good news is, swapping them out is a straightforward process we can tackle together in no time.

We'll walk you through what to expect as we upgrade to a fresh, new enclosure.
We’ll start by turning off power to the area at the main panel, then removing wires, the old box, and any foam insulation around it.

After prepping the electrical line, we’ll securely install your new box, reconnect wires neatly inside, and ensure all is working properly before closing it up.

At the end of the day, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your electrical infrastructure is safer and more sound.

Let us know if you have any other questions!

Replacing outdated boxes is one of those small fixes we love to take care of.

Our well-trained Orange County electricians will expertly carry out the work to produce a secure, effective, and energy-efficient environment, whether it’s about installation, repair, replacement, or an upgrade of electrical systems for various cases.

Fullerton Electric Pros has over 30 years of experience and our electricians provides a wide range of electrical repair and replacement services.

Electrical Troubleshooting

Do you need to identify the right breaker for a light switch or an outlet that won't work?

When lights flicker or outlets stop working in your home, electrical troubleshooting is needed to diagnose and fix the problem. As your friendly electricians, we follow a systematic approach to pinpoint issues, big or small.

First, we'll ask questions to understand what's happening—like which rooms are affected or if certain devices still have power. This helps narrow things down. We'll also check for tripped breakers or blown fuses in your home's main service panel, since those are some of the easiest issues to identify and address.

If power problems persist, it's time to break out the troubleshooting toolkit: voltage testers, outlet testers, multimeters and more. We'll evaluate parts of the system starting with the main service entrance, then key components that distribute power throughout the home like the panel, wiring and junction boxes.

Using our tools and know-how, we’ll check voltage and current flow, examine wires and connections for damage, test circuits with devices plugged in/not plugged in and so forth. For example, a faulty GFCI outlet can shut off an entire circuit even though wires are fine elsewhere. Or loose connections could cause intermittent power to ceiling lights on the same circuit.

Sometimes, we may need to isolate sections of wiring by turning off individual breakers, unplugging devices, and methodically checking each part separately. This divide and conquer approach takes time but helps reveal the root issue.

Other times, there are in-wall electrical problems that require a bit more exploration by removing switch plate covers or cutting small access holes. Trust our experience to be minimally invasive if digging deeper is needed.

With diligence and patience, virtually any home electrical trouble can be correctly diagnosed. Once the specific problem is found, repairs or part replacements are straightforward. In a day or less, we’ll have your home’s power back in proper working order.

We know electrical issues can be upsetting and inconvenient, but troubleshooting is our specialty. We’ll take care of the legwork to get your lights back on quickly and safely. Just let us know any time power problems pop up!

Our Orange County electrician has the skills necessary to diagnose all kinds of electrical issues. We can easily fix the issue and prevent your home from becoming a fire hazard.

Flickering lights, carbon monoxide detectors, receptacles, switches, circuit breakers, smoke, and any other electrical issues can be fixed by Fullerton Electric Pros!

Electrical Upgrades

Although most homes don't require rewiring, it's still important to have the electrical wiring examined in older homes. Outdated or faulty wiring can cause a fire if it is improperly wired or without ground wiring. Our certified Orange County electrician can inspect the wiring to see if any issues need to be addressed.

Upgrading your home’s electrical system opens up possibilities for powering more devices, enhancing safety, and increasing property value. As your local electricians, we stay up-to-date on the latest innovations to discuss options that fit your needs whether during remodels or as standalone enhancements.

One popular upgrade is installing a 200 amp or higher electrical service panel to replace an outdated 100 amp fuse box. This expanded capacity handles today’s greater power demands from large appliances, AC systems, multiple TVs/computers plus electric vehicle charging stations.

We also frequently recommend Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCIs) which provide extra fire protection by monitoring wiring. Unlike standard breakers, AFCIs can sense hazardous arcing conditions and cut power faster if wiring insulation fails or connections loosen.

Whole home surge protectors represent another smart upgrade as they regulate voltage from the utility lines to ensure clean, consistent power flowing to devices. Those brief spikes and sags can degrade systems over time leading to early failure.

Outdoor living upgrades for patio and landscape lighting, fog machines, heaters, insect repellants and motorized screens all require boosted electrical capacity as well. We design dedicated outdoor subpanels and wiring to handle the significant amp loads these features command.

Smart switches, video doorbell systems, USB receptacles and built-in wireless charging stations make great upgrades too. They offer home automation options for convenience and security. Newer high CRI, color adjustable LED recessed lighting also creates beautiful, personalized ambiance.

Other homeowners choose to upgrade wiring itself when remodeling. Some switch from dated, stiff aluminum to flexible copper building wire or reconfigure wiring plans for better load distribution. Installing conductive shielded wires for data and A/V systems reduces interference as well.

We offer free estimates, walkthroughs and recommendations for Orange County homes of all ages. Upgrading power systems during renovations or on their own brings safety, comfort and real living benefits that will keep your family covered for decades to come. Reach out anytime to discuss electrical upgrade options for your house!

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  • Troubleshooting
  • Rewiring
  • Upgrades
  • Panel Installation
  • Lighting Installation
  • Electrical Repair & Replacement
  • Switchgear and Transformer Repair
  • Panel Installation, Repair and Replacement
  • Ceiling and Ventilation Fan Installation
  • Lighting Upgrade, Repair, and Installation
  • Emergency repairs
  • General Electrical Troubleshooting
  • Outlet Maintenance and Installation
  • Wiring For Stereo And Camera Systems
  • Indoor And Outdoor Lighting Installation
  • Spa, Pool, Indoor Hot Tub, And Bbq Wiring
  • Breaker Panel Upgrades And Repairs
  • Quietcool Whole House Fan, Attic And Garage Fan Installations
  • Smart Electrical Panel And Sub-Panels
  • Green Electric

Need any residential electric services? We got you covered!

Whether you’re constructing a new home in Fullerton or have lived here for years, our licensed electricians deliver complete electrical solutions to keep your most important investment—your home—running safely and efficiently.

For new builds, we handle everything from installing the high-voltage service entrance and meter into your main distribution panel to wiring each individual circuit in the home per code.

Our services include planning adequate electrical capacity for the square footage and devices; pulling proper gauge wires through framing; placing can lights and outlets; grounding and bonding systems appropriately.

We’ll obtain permits, arrange inspections and can even integrate smart home automation features like motorized lighting, shade controls and intercom systems during initial builds when walls are open.

On the maintenance front, we offer fulsome electrical safety inspections using thermal imaging to check for hot spots plus thorough testing of all devices and systems.

Any outdated wiring, overloaded circuits or hazardous junction boxes will be identified.

We’ll make exact recommendations for repairs, panel upgrades or rewiring with priority levels for budgeting.

Safety is paramount given the risk of electrical fires.

For existing homes, we also handle plenty of small upgrade projects as budgets allow over time.

Installing recessed LED lighting using the latest adjustable color temperature emitters is very popular.

Many homeowners also want to ditch phone lines for network cables, add powered USB charging outlets throughout living areas, upgrade from fuses to circuit breakers, increase pool/landscape lighting capacity plus car chargers and so on.

We take care of the entire job from permits to inspections so enhancements meet National Electrical Code® standards across Huntington Beach, Placentia, Anaheim and all nearby cities.

Additionally, we troubleshoot and repair any residential wiring faults quickly when power issues arise.

Whether storm damage causes a short or age degrades underground line insulation, we have the tools and know-how to diagnose problems accurately for proper repairs.

Reliable power is crucial since so many smart devices have become integrated into daily life now.

No electrical project is too large or small for our capable team in Fullerton and the OC region.

We guarantee reliable, efficient work customers can count on.

Just call for prompt assistance!


Do you need to identify the right breaker for a light switch or an outlet that won’t work?

Our electricians have the skills necessary to diagnose all kinds of electrical issues. We can easily fix the issue and prevent your home from becoming a fire hazard.

Flickering lights, carbon monoxide detectors, receptacles, switches, circuit breakers, smoke, and any other electrical issues can be fixed by Fullerton Electric Pros!


Although most homes don’t require rewiring, it’s still important to have the electrical wiring examined in older homes. Outdated or faulty wiring can cause a fire if it is improperly wired or without ground wiring. Our Orange County electricians can inspect the wiring to see if there are any issues that need to be addressed.


Our team can also tackle your home upgrade!  From a new outdoor panel for a hot tub to beautiful new lighting in the bathroom or kitchen… we can make your dream a reality.

Also, outdated air conditioners, televisions, and other electronics can have insufficient power. Overloaded outlets, tripped breakers, and flickering lights are clear indications that you may need to upgrade. Power issues are not only a pain but also pose a fire risk.  Let us fix it today!

Commercial Electrician Switchbox Programming
Electrician testing voltage

Need any commercial electric services? We got it covered!

  • Panel Installation
  • Green Lighting Installation & Repair
  • Switchgear & Transformer Repair
  • HOA Services
  • Industrial Services

Here is an in-depth look at the commercial electrical services we offer businesses and their key benefits:

Properly powering retail stores, restaurants, offices and other commercial buildings is imperative for safe daily operation and maximizing the customer experience. Our licensed electricians handle intricate electrical requirements for complexes small and large so you can focus on your business without disruption.

For new builds, we interpret architectural lighting plans for showcasing merchandise/signage, outdoor spotlights on buildings/pathways plus kitchen task lighting and industrial equipment connections. We build main distribution panels to supply all locations then run multiple circuits to support diverse lighting scenes, motor loads and device capacity from a centralized control interface. This allows modifying ambiance and directing foot traffic flow through different zones over time.

During tenant improvements, we reconfigure wiring, add subpanels and upgrade capacity for newly planned counters/workstations, computer banks or machinery. Structured, accessible wiring keeps voltage stable for sensitive POS systems. We also design on-backup generators to supply emergency egress lighting, walk-in coolers, security systems and other essentials when power fails.

For day-to-day upkeep, we conduct preventative maintenance like infrared scanning to detect hot spots in bus bars, terminals and high load equipment then repair issues immediately to avoid disruption. Testing backup generators monthly ensures proper functioning when emergencies hit. We also perform code compliance reviews to identify aging wires, devices or panels needing replacement. Keeping infrastructure updated to the latest NEC standards reduces liability and insurance costs.

Most importantly, our electricians respond 24/7 for emergency electrical failures. Whether lightning knocks out a transformer, short circuits start an office partition fire or refrigerators fail across a grocery store, we have the technical skills, materials access and experience to resolve problems safely, completely and fast. Businesses rely on us to preserve operations, inventory and client trust through rapid response.

Our commitment brings electrical integrity and innovation to Orange County businesses for fewer workflow interruptions. Discuss retrofit options that attract more customers today!

Panel Installation

A commercial electrical sub-panel, which is connected to your company’s main panel, offers more power and the option to add additional circuits. However, it is not always an easy task. Many factors need to be taken into consideration to provide a safe and proper electrical panel installation. Let us recommend the best option for your business needs.

Green Lighting Installation & Repair

Want to brighten up an area of your office or cut down on your energy bill? Using old, inefficient lighting fixtures can cause your power bill to increase significantly. An ordinary bulb produces only 5% to 10% of the energy it consumes as light. The rest is then converted to heat.

We can design a lighting system to suit your needs, maximize your savings, and contribute to resource conservation all at the same time.

Our comprehensive warranty on selected fixtures and bulbs back up our superior work. Lighting repair services are also provided by an Orange County Electrician! 

Switchgear and Transformer Repair

Transformers and switchgear are vital components of a power supply system. Switchgear repair, inspection, and testing are among the services offered by Fullerton Electric Pros.

We Got It Covered

  • Ceiling and ventilation fan installation
  • Lighting upgrade, repair, and installation
  • Emergency repairs
  • Panel repair and replacement
  • General electrical troubleshooting
  • Outlet maintenance and installation

Electrician Rewiring

Although most homes don't require rewiring, it's still important to have the electrical wiring examined in older homes. Outdated or faulty wiring can cause a fire if it is improperly wired or without ground wiring.

Our Orange County electricians can inspect the wiring to see if there are any issues that need to be addressed.

Even in well-built homes that have stood for decades, electrical wiring eventually ages and no longer meets safety standards or power demands from modern devices.

Rewiring is the ideal solution to avoid hazards plus gain expanded capacity.

Our licensed electricians handle full electrical rewiring projects—large or small—to keep homes protected.

We begin by planning new wiring routes through attics, wall cavities and basements based on projected device plans for each room.

This informs the circuit layouts we design into the new main panel you select.

We remove old wires then methodically pull new wires room by room, reconnecting lights and outlets to corresponding new breakers.

All accessible wires get enclosed in protective conduit throughout the home.

During full rewiring, homeowners can choose upgraded wire gauge that handles greater loads.

This accommodates large home appliances and entertainment systems running simultaneously without tripping breakers.

Many also upgrade to flexible, safe copper wiring instead of outdated aluminum.

We incorporate safety features like AFCI/GFCI breakers too which monitor currents to prevent fires or shocks.

The benefits over outdated wiring are substantial.

First, new insulation means no risks of worn wires making contact, arcing and sparking fires in walls.

Tighter connections eliminate flickering lights, power fluctuations for electronics and tripped breakers under normal loads as well.

New dedicated 20-amp appliance and entertainment circuits prevent nuisance outages.

The home’s market value often increases too.

We understand remodeling around electrical work is messy and inconvenient.

But we promise to complete full rewiring efficiently with minimal disruption so your home’s power backbone supports expanding needs for decades ahead.

Just something to consider when remodeling or if ever facing recurring electrical faults traced back to aging wires.

Let us know if we can estimate costs!

Pick a Fullerton Electrician

Since 1999, Fullerton Electric Pros, a full-service electrical contracting company, has offered electrical contracting for tenant improvements, new construction, renovations, exterior, interior, and landscape lighting, service installations, and retrofits.

Fullerton Electric Pros offers the assurance any customer needs to get the project accomplished on time and under budget by working on designs from start to finish, with a qualified team of licensed technicians and consultants. Unforeseen electrical disruptions can result in major problems for both homeowners and businesses. This is why Fullerton Electrician places a high priority on restoring electrical power to your system as quickly and safely as possible.

Any electrical issue you’re experiencing can be diagnosed in the comfort of your home or business by one of our skilled and qualified electricians. We guarantee that we have the proper equipment and supplies to provide the finest service. To ensure outstanding results, the best electrical components and materials available will be used to fulfill our promise of delivering high-quality work and results.

Consistency is the key component of high-quality electrical work. Regulation codes will be strictly observed to ensure that everyone is aware of both proper and improper methods for carrying out electrical repairs and installations. Fullerton Electric Pros is a highly dependable company when it comes to the best form of electrical services.

If you need immediate electrical services at your home or office, don’t hesitate to contact us at (714) 622-7784.

Affordable Quality

We take great satisfaction in our dedication to provide excellent customer service and do each task as accurate as possible. Your satisfaction with Fullerton Electric Pros is 100% Guaranteed!

Exceptional Service

Our well-trained electricians will assure you that every project is finished on schedule, at a reasonable fee, and in accordance with the regulations.

Family Owned & Operated

We have over 40 years of experience!  Our team is highly trained and has put in the time to become the expert team that we are.  Let us help you with your electrical project.

Professional & Dependable

We’ll also handle your house or office with utmost respect. We are dedicated to provide the best electrical services at competitive prices.

It was in 1999 when Fullerton Electric Pros was established. We began as a humble but dedicated company that maintained and repaired parking lot lighting.

In 2009, Carl and Barbara Jackson purchased the business. It was then improved by adding electrical contracting services, new construction, remodeling, and sign installation and repair.

Carl has worked in the electrical industry since 2000. He began working at an electrical firm in New York City while going to evening classes for an apprenticeship.

Carl worked as a transit electrician, helping to upgrade and renovate the MTA subway stations throughout different boroughs, following graduation from apprenticeship school.

Carl was able to earn his master’s electrician license after working as an electrician for many years in both New York City and New Jersey. Carl then co-founded Fullerton Electrician with his wife, Barbara.

Carl is an expert in all facets of the industry. He began his career about 20 years ago and rose through the ranks, taking over day-to-day management in 2005 and obtaining his master electrician’s license.

Because of his extensive background, he is completely aware of the significance of each team member’s position.

“Working my way up gave me the special capacity to view things from the standpoint of everyone who works for me, including my project manager, my office staff, my mechanics in the field, and even my helpers.”

Fullerton Electric Pros offers great service by working with a well-trained, close-knit team. “We have been working together for so long that we have developed a level of trust that only improves with time. This, in my opinion, is a key characteristic that sets us apart from our rivals.”

Carl also thinks that good customer service is one of the most important traits of a company. “My desire to assist others is what motivates me to accomplish what I do.

Carl and Barbara like spending time going to the beach with their three children when they aren’t busy running the business.

Thousands of projects, both big and small, have been managed by Carl and his company over the years.

Setting high standards, owning mistakes when they occur, and then “going back and completing the job correctly,” according to Carl and Barbara, is the first step toward standing behind your work have been the keys to Fullerton Electric Pros’ success over the years.

Fullerton Electric Pros now employs a group of motivated electrical contractors who are well-trained and take pride in their job.

I would definitely recommend Fullerton Electric Pros! Not only did their electrician arrived on time, he obviously knew what he was doing as well. Double thumbs up!
- Ellen M.
My experience with Fullerton Electric Pros was awesome! Everything they did to my office was above par, from lighting upgrade to panel installation! Definitely the best!
- Sam S.
The electrician who fixed our garden lights was very prompt that he even gave a courtesy call before arriving. The electrical issue was properly resolved and the service fee was not that expensive. Thank you so much Fullerton Electric Pros!
- Loyd M.

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